DV4Mini Soft & Fw


DV4 Soft&FW






DV4mini now as MMDVM

New DV4mini version with MMDVM (DMR) protocol


New features:


Layout adapted to the possibilities of MMDVM (DMR)

20-digit indication of the location

QTH-Locator up to 10 digits

DMR-ID usable with extensions (01-99)

Supports Embedded Data (Talker-Alias + GPS)

Supports PrivateCall

All TS1 and TS2 Talkgroups are supported

For DMR+ IPSC2 registrations, static Talkgroups are available up to 5x for TS1 and 5x for TS2 in expert mode.

Brandmeister LOGIN with password and authentication

Supports Brandmeister "Hotspot-Security"

For Brandmeister settings of static Talkgroups maintained in the BM SelfCare area

ECHO is now activated with the Talkgroup TG9990 as GroupCall


(An update of the DV4mini firmware is not needed)


New control panel for windows (beta)

Nuevas características:


Diseño adaptado a las posibilidades de MMDVM (DMR).

Indicación de 20 dígitos de la ubicación.

QTH-Locator hasta 10 dígitos

DMR-ID utilizable con extensiones (01-99)

Admite datos incrustados (Talker-Alias + GPS)

Todos los grupos de conversación TS1 y TS2 son compatibles

Para los registros DMR + IPSC2, los grupos de conversación estáticos están disponibles hasta 5x para TS1 y 5x para TS2 en modo experto.

Brandmeister INICIAR SESIÓN con contraseña y autenticación

Compatible con Brandmeister "Hotspot-Security"

Para la configuración de Brandmeister de grupos de conversación estáticos mantenidos en el área de BM SelfCare

ECHO ahora está activado con el grupo de conversación TG9990 como GroupCall


(No es necesaria una actualización del firmware DV4mini)

 Descargar la versión basada en Windows: DV4MINI_2019_02_06

Download Windows based Version:

DV4MINI Software
Windows DV4MINI_2019_02_06

Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015




DV4mini Driver click

Treiber DV4m Win7-8-10.zip 21-Oct-2016 10:00 44K
New control panel for raspberry (beta)
REF to 080
YSF Recollectors
My room (chat with friends) and more ..
Improvements in dstar and dmr
If you already have an img of raspberry pi
Of dv4.es only run the updating dv4mini



Last Version 1.77

The latest BETA Firmware 1.76. Please download only if you like to test and experiment:


List of xreflectors ( xref.ip )



List_firmware old

dv4mini_175.fw2                                          17-Feb-2017 19:04 37K


dv4mini_174.fw2                                                              17-Feb-2017 08:55 37K

DV4mini_164.fw2                                                              30-Apr-2016 22:20    31K

DV4mini_165.fw2 23-May-2016 07:05 34K
DV4mini_166_DMR70cm_better_sensivity.fw2 29-May-2016 21:08 34K
dv4mini_170.fw2 18-Jul-2016 14:06 34K
dv4mini_173.fw2 10-Aug-2016 03:35 34K
dv4mini_v172.fw2 07-Aug-2016 22:08 34K



NEW DV4Mini Raspberry pi img:








BY LATINOS >> http://latinovoip.net/dv4mini-tft-raspberry-pi23-image/



DV4home instructions and updates:

DV4home manual can be found here

Instructions for updates are here 

Latest firmware for DV4home (version 070A) is here


User manual (07-23-2016) for DV4mini for all versions can be downloaded here

Presentation about CCS7, CPS7, reflector systems can be found here

Interface Description for DV4mini can be downloaded here

Manual De Usuario De DV4Mini En Español(Nueva revision)


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